Services & Sports Programs

For every age, for any sport, for all skill levels: We have a program.

And as part of HCA Virginia Health System, we have convenient access to advanced diagnostic and imaging services, orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation services, nutritional counseling and much more. In addition to the programs outlined below, our sports medicine physicians offer athletic/sports physicals, athletic event coverage, certified trainer services and strength training, along with customized, personalized programs for you and your preferred sport.


For runners, we offer video gait analysis. By videotaping your action on the treadmill, we can assess and analyze your gait and make recommendations. We also analyze your biomechanics to advise you on your overall running mechanics and provide orthotic therapy to keep you running injury-free.


Cycling Consultations address posture, alignment and biomechanics to improve your cycling experience. Preventing strain and overuse injuries are key elements of our consultations as well. In addition to our Cycling Consultations, we offer EMGs (nerve studies) to test for ulnar neuropathy, or handlebar palsy. Treatment and rehab for cycling injuries and neuro-musculoskeletal issues is also available.

Women's Sports Medicine

No one takes women's athletics more seriously than we do. Female athletes suffer sports injuries equal in intensity to their male counterparts. But women also face gender-related issues such as osteoporosis, stress fractures, pregnancy and postpartum issues, as well as the Female Triad. The Female Triad is a syndrome that includes disordered eating, amenorrhea (the cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle) and osteoporosis (weakening of bone strength).

We offer a number of programs to help women and girls play strong and meet their performance goals – for any sport, age or skill level.


Our swing analysis can help you improve your game on the green. Our staff can help you outline easy ways to improve your swing and reduce injury.

Core Stabilization and Back Strengthening

Many of our patients suffer from common back injuries and pain. Our trainers and therapists can help you strengthen your core and lower back to help prevent injuries that can occur during sporting activities and everyday actions.

Athletes Over 50

Maintaining health and fitness as we age helps keep us healthy, active and well. We can teach you ways to keep your body strong and injury-free as you exercise or compete. Focusing on lowering your risk of recurring injuries specific to your sport, we offer guidance on proper nutrition and hydration and develop a treatment program appropriate for your age that takes into account other medical conditions you may have.

Cancer Recovery Program - Supervised, Post-Treatment Exercise Programs for Cancer Survivors

There is a growing body of research demonstrating that recovery from cancer treatment is greatly increased by participation in a supervised exercise program. Our program concentrates on the areas of treatment around the upper body, shoulder and arms, but also includes overall body fitness and conditioning.

These recovery exercise programs are individually developed by our certified athletic trainers in coordination with your physician's recommendations and precautions. Each program is designed to meet your needs post-treatment to increase your upper body, shoulder and arm range of motion, strength and endurance, as well as work to slowly increase your total body fitness and endurance.

The overall goal of the program is to improve your stamina and endurance, helping you feel better about yourself and your recovery. Our program helps you develop your personal strength, while the supervision by certified trainers helps minimize injury and strain.

Saturday Morning Injury Assessment Program

During the fall sports season, HCA Virginia Sports Medicine offers a free sports injury clinic for high school athletes every Saturday morning after the eleven regularly scheduled Friday Varsity Football games. Saturday Morning Injury Clinic (SMIC) is for injuries incurred in the previous seven days or follow-up for injuries previously seen by the physicians at SMIC.

The Saturday Morning Injury Clinic is open to ALL fall sports athletes in the area, regardless of school affiliation. The initial evaluation by a sports medicine physician and any emergent/acute injury treatment that morning by the certified athletic trainers on hand are FREE. A charge will be made if an x-ray or other tests, brace or other soft goods are recommended, and you decide to purchase them at our facility.

Sports Performance Program

HCA Virginia Sports Medicine’s Sports Performance Program, led by Coach Brad Howren, CSCS, helps athletes achieve performance goals by facilitating recovery and using functional strength training in a safe, progressive manner, and providing ongoing corrective coaching. The components of the program include an expert-led musculoskeletal assessment, a custom deficit assessment toward ongoing performance goals, a personalized program encompassing strength, conditioning, core stability, flexibility, and use of our recovery pool, and exclusive access to our certified medical staff during training. Used by high-school, college, and professional athletes alike, this program includes 3-5 weekly sessions to get you to your peak performance.